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Mission and Vision

Advance equity.  Create innovators.


Bricolage Academy advances educational equity by preparing students from diverse backgrounds to be innovators who change the world.


It’s undeniable: New Orleans is changing. So is America and the rest of the world. You don’t have to be an expert in sociology or economics to notice the effects. Ride the streetcar, listen to friends and colleagues talk about their families, their neighborhoods, their children. Our worries and the problems we face are different than those our parents and grandparents confronted. Nationally, we must meet new challenges as America transitions to an information and service economy, the baby boomer generation enters retirement, and we implement historic reforms in health care, finance, and education.

“We ignore reality at our own peril.” The essayist and novelist James Baldwin wrote these words decades ago, but he could have been describing today. The reality of the contemporary world is rapid change. Bricolage is founded on the belief that it is our responsibility as educators, parents and community members, to prepare students for the changes before us now - and the changes we anticipate in the future.

This is an ambitious undertaking, requiring close cooperation between parents, teachers, and students, as well as a vision based in the best contemporary research on education and practical experience. Bricolage is inclusive, public, and open-admission. It will represent the real economic and cultural diversity of New Orleans. Our focus on diversity is not lip service. Diversity is a present fact and a future inevitability. At Bricolage, students from low-income families will be given the same opportunities in admissions–and held to the same high academic standards in the classroom–as students from middle- and high-income families. We believe this is Educational Equity in practice. Or, to put it simply, we believe this is fair.

This makes us unique among New Orleans public schools, and Bricolage aims to make the best of our position by responding directly and creatively to student and community priorities. The technology of today will not be the technology of the future, the global marketplace of today will surely change, as will key industries, companies, and leaders. Bricolage is preparing students, and preparing itself - as a progressive and constantly evolving institution–to step forward and embrace the constant changes that will define our bright future.