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Meet Our Creative Team

When first-grade Bricolage student Mikerien gets to pick the day's greeting, he likes to say 'bonjour!'

A maker of cookies, cakes and pies

An aspiring chef, maybe one day he'll practice his hello in France. "I'm a cook," the 7-year-old says. "I learned how to cook when I was 4. I make gingerbread men, cookies, cakes, pies. I'm going to make 10 pies during [spring] break." He says his mom and dad taught him how to cook. "I already have my own cooking utensils and my own cookbooks."

His favorite food is pizza, with olives and pepperoni, that he eats pointy-side first. For school lunch, he likes it when they serve fruit, especially strawberries. This makes sense, given that red is his favorite color.

A maker of planes, swords and Star Wars

When he's not cooking or thinking about food, you'll likely find Mikerien playing with Legos, especially Star Wars Legos (he has all of the sets), or making paper airplanes. He says he's really good at making paper airplanes. "I know how to make thousands of them. One time they flew all the way down the stairs without crashing."

His favorite time of the school day is choice time because that's when everyone gets to play with their friends. He says during choice time he likes to play Star Wars by building the 'swords' and fighting. One time, Mikerien got to be Darth Vader, and he won. His Darth Vader voice is rather convincing.

A maker of stories and bridges

Since he's been in first grade, Mikerien says he's gotten better at making airplanes--and writing. "I know how to spell all the words I need to write." The last thing he wrote about was Mardi Gras. His favorite book is Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems. "I've read it a lot," he says. Mikerien excitedly relays the book's plot, "He asks to drive the bus so many times. You have to keep saying no no no no no no no! Then he says LET ME DRIVE THE BUS!"

His favorite teacher at school is Mr. Reynaud, the innovation teacher. "Right now, we're making bridges," he says. "You've got to go up and over. Mine goes up and over a table." Mikerien says he sued "a lot" of wooden blocks to construct his bridge.

When asked what's really important at Bricolage, Mikerien says "that we share with others." After sharing a little bit about himself, Mikerien smiles, puts his cushion back in its correct spot and joins the class for their morning meeting. Maybe today, he'll get to say bonjour!


What are your favorite animals?

Cheetahs, pandas and eagles. I like pandas because they eat bamboo. And sometimes I imagine that I eat bamboo, too.

What do you usually help the class with in the morning?

I'm the guy who picks up the chairs a lot.

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