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Meet Our Creative Team

paul reynaud

innovation room teacher

How long have you lived in New Orleans? 58 years, on and off...

Why do you work at Bricolage? I thought I'd like it. I thought I'd be good at it.

Where is your favorite spot in New Orleans? Old Spanish Fort

What is your favorite innovation of all time? writing

What is your favorite memory of elementary school? In 5th grade we all had to do science projects. For a week or so, late in the year, we presented them to the class. I can still remember some of the projects very clearly. But all of them were interesting and intriguing.

When you were in elementary school, what did you want to be when you grew up? An archaeologist

What is your favorite book? Anna Karenina

What is your favorite book for kids? Mouse Soup

What will New Orleans be like in 25 years? Underwater--quite a bit of it, anyway...

What is school for? School is for giving access to the tools and information and methods you need to be a productive, supportive, and independent adult.

Where did you go to school (HS, College and/or beyond) 

Isidore Newman High School
Columbia University
Tulane University

What is the last thing you made? A straw and paper clip contraption to zip along a zip-line.

Who is an innovator you admire and why? John Scott.
I love kinetic sculptures. I love the way he integrated music into his sculptures.

Desert island question: you've got to bring three things with you (other than basics: food, water, shelter, love/family). What do you bring? A good knife, a needle, the Complete Works of Shakespeare (in 1 volume, so it counts as one thing)

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