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Meet Our Creative Team

katie aboudou

1st grade teacher

How long have you lived in New Orleans? About three years

Why do you work at Bricolage? Bricolage reminds me of the schools I attended as a kid. I couldn't imagine myself in any other type of school environment.

Where is your favorite spot in New Orleans? City Park

What is your favorite innovation of all time? The teflon pan.

What is your favorite memory of elementary school? One of my best elementary school memories is of raising a worm farm in our Fourth Grade, class-made compost heap! How quickly they multiplied!

When you were in elementary school, what did you want to be when you grew up? A school bus driver, among other things.

What is your favorite book? The Sign of the Seahorse, Greame Base

What is your favorite book for kids? Most anything by Shel Silverstein

What is school for? School is a place for growth. School is a place where friends are made, mistakes happen, and lessons are learned.

Where did you go to school (HS, College and/or beyond) I graduated from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, MD, and then made my way down south to receive my BFA at the Savannah College of Art & Design.

What is the last thing you made?  Dinner

Who is an innovator you admire and why? I admire my brother, a budding architect, who is one of the most creative problem solvers I know. Over the years I have watched him create many wonderful things from his imagination, and he hasn't stopped yet!

Desert island question: you've got to bring three things with you (other than basics: food, water, shelter, love/family). What do you bring? A sketchbook, sunglasses and a dictionary.

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