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Welcome to Bricolage - we're excited you've found us.

I’m Josh Densen, the founder of Bricolage Academy. I’m also the father of two amazing children, Ella, 10 years old, and Max, 8.

About six years ago, my wife and I were looking for a kindergarten for Ella and we knew that we wanted a school open to all children that balanced creative freedom with academic rigor and accountability.

During our search, we had many conversations with other parents. I asked what they wanted in a school for their children and what kind of experiences—good and bad—they’d had with other schools around town. Bricolage was born out of these conversations, as well as subsequent discussions with educators and other community members in homes, libraries and community centers across New Orleans in the fall of 2011 and spring of 2012.

Participants in those early meetings looked ahead to a world where comfort with diversity and experience with innovation are essential to personal achievement and the well-being of communities. Together, we envisioned a time when New Orleans will be as famous for its leadership in the creative economy as for its cultural significance. More than anything else, we wanted a school that recognized our children for the individuals that they are and prepared them to do great things in a nation and world becoming increasingly interconnected.

These are big ideas, but at Bricolage we focus on the small steps.  We make sure each student is treated as an individual and has personal interactions every day with teachers and staff. We provide an academic experience that is individually tailored for each child, and guide each student toward the social and intellectual skills they need to help build that bright vision for the future.

Every day at Bricolage students question, discover, collaborate and create. We put innovation into action. It’s the school I want for Ella and for Max (he is in our 3rd grade class). I hope you’ll join us on this exciting new journey.


Josh Densen
Founder & Executive Director
Bricolage Academy

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